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CSPA piano
Melodies that Inspire:
Discover the Harmony Within

Music is the window to the soul and a door to inner creativity. Our passionate instructors and student-centered approach harmonize together to create a transformative experience where the language of music is embraced, skills are honed, and the joy of musical expression resonates in every heart.

Clarion School of Performing Arts invites every young minds to join us to rediscover their hidden potential through music.

CSPA keyboard
4.5 years old and above
Start piano lessons with Dr. Song’s Piano Icon (SPI) Method exclusively at Clarion School of Performing Arts. SPI Method translates the most complex concepts of piano technique into FUN & EASY ICONs for young students to adults! Students learn artistic expressions through piano playing and learning basic elements of music such as RHYTHM, MELODY, and HARMONY.
CSPA voice
5 years old and above
DO RE MI! Let’s sing with glee! Students will learn breathing techniques, vocalization, and note reading through fun and popular tunes from pop and jazz to Broadway musicals! Reach for the stars and become the greatest singer of all time.
CSPA ballet

Nurturing minds with limitless creativity

Step into a colorful wonderland of imaginative creations of our talented young artists and performers.

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